Home EV Charging Station, EV Chargers for Home Owner

The WeCharg platform is designed for easy home implementation and near complete autonomy. Build, Borrow, or Buy an EV charger, connect it to the WeCharg Smart Plug, set the rate above electricity cost, and automatically sell EV charging time to make money hands free from your WeCharg home electric vehicle(EV) charging station.

Easy to use

  • Adapt your spot with hardware
  • Set your rate via ChargCoin App
  • Receive a check or e-check monthly

Membership levels allow you custom reimbursement percentages

PicoWatt Plan(free) (70%)

The PWP has absolutely ZERO recurring monthly dues and is the best way to introduce yourself to the EV charging Community. Adapt an Home EV charger with a WeCharg Smartplug, set your rate, and you will be reimbursed for 70% of the revenue generated from your home EV charging station.

KiloWatt Plan($5/month) (80%)

The KWP is a great second step as people begin to frequent your station(s). Enroll in the KWP, adapt your EV charger(s) with a WeCharg Smartplug(s), set your rate(s), and you will be reimbursed for 80% of the revenue generated from your home electric vehicle Charging station(s).

GigaWatt Plan($10/month) (90%)

The GWP is perfect for most experienced customers. This plan offers the best cost to percentage ratio for station owners. If this is your plan, you have probably already mastered the system and therefore have your own home electric car charging station(s). Just upgrade to this plan for $10/m and you will be reimbursed for 90% of the revenue generated from your station(S). More than 6 countries have plans to outlaw internal combustion engines and electric vehicle production is increasing exponentially. Together we can rise to meet EV charging demand.