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Mission Statement


The mission of WeCharg is to bring many oases to the poor, desert, and polluted ares of the world via distributed energy commerce (see https://chgcoin.org), renewable fuel, clean water, and other sustainable practices. We begin by offering the most advanced, automatic, and convenient electric vehicle charging technology at the lowest possible price. WeCharg believes everyone should be empowered to make money sustainably in the new energy Shareconomy. Get on-board with WeCharg and together we can change the world.

WeCharg History


WeCharg was born from a culmination of technological advancements aligning with a team driven by the desire to help the world. Within three months of the idea’s conception, the WeCharg parent, called Charg (CHG, secured enough initial funding to complete a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). The MVP has since evolved and is now a fully functioning platform capable of supporting a scalable charging network. In keeping with our goal of empowering people to succeed, we have made our DIY charging station directions available for free. That’s right… free. A person with some DIY experience and who knows an electrician can build their own business or home electric charging stations for a fraction of the cost of traditional electric vehicle kiosks.

Since our inception back in 2018, WeCharg has evolved to include 100% off-grid electric vehicle charging kits – see https://wecharg.com/advanced.

WeCharg Platform


WeCharg is a complete platform which harnesses the power of the Charg Coin (CHG) blockchain.  The Wecharg App (iPhone/Android) allows for electric vehicle drivers to find charging stations and transact.  The simple node software allows for energy to be leased in exchange for currency of choice, and the open source WeCharg Charging Station allows for electric vehicle charging to be triggered by simple, secure, and decentralized blockchain transactions. WeCharg has been designed with Makers and Entrepreneurs in mind! See more

WeCharg Funding


WeCharg is always looking for opportunities to grow, particularly investment opportunities! Help WeCharg make this possible by informing everyone you know about WeCharg and by investing in what we are doing.  You can contribute by installing your own WeCharg station, purchasing and utilizing Charg Coins (CHG), investing in us (write to [email protected]), or simply spreading the word (our Affiliate Program can help).  In short, we need you to help us achieve our mission.  What are you waiting for?  Visit our Forums and Live Chat (Telegram), today!

WeCharg: An Introduction

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