Electric Vehicle Charging Station Location App,Station Node & Smart Adaptor

Mission Statement

WeCharg has one two-fold mission: Improve developing economies while transitioning the world into alternative energies. This is done by offering the most advanced, automatic, and convenient electric vehicle and car charging technology at the lowest possible price. WeCharg believes everyone should be empowered to make money. Get onboard with WeCharg and together we can change the world.

WeCharg History

WeCharg was born from a culmination of technological advancements aligning with a team driven by the desire to help the world. Within 3 months of the ideas conception, WeCharg secured enough initial funding to complete a minimum viable product or mvp. The mvp is continually being upgraded and updated but is currently capable of supporting a charging network. In keeping with our goal of trying to empower everyone, we have made our MVP and DIY EV charging station directions available for free. That’s right… free. A person with some DIY/Maker experience and who knows an electrician can build their own business or home electric charging stations for a fraction of market price to begin renting EV charging station time.

WeCharg Platform

The WeCharg Platform consists of the WeCharg App, the Station Node, and WeCharg Smart Adaptor. The Wecharg App allows for electric vehicle drivers to find charging stations, The Station Node allows for the rental of time, and The WeCharg Smart Adaptor controls the flow of electricity once a payment has been made. WeCharg has been designed with Makers in mind so they have made their MVP available to anyone for free. See more

WeCharg Funding

WeCharg is currently running a crowdfunding campaign with the goal of raising the funds to turn our MVP into a UL registered product. Help WeCharg make this possible by informing everyone you know about WeCharg and by visiting

WeCharg Team

Josef Kulovany

Founder & CEO

My renaissance-man skill set coupled with my cutting edge understanding of business and business management make me a threat..Read More