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Charg Station KIT – J1772 75-Amp Charging Station – Up to 18 KW

From: $1,199.00

2-Pole, Common Control, Zero Cross Solid State Relay

Camco 50 Amp Nema 14-50 Extension Cord

This extension cord for the Nema 14-50 makes it so ANY parking space can be converted into a Charg Station, even if it's not economical to install the Charg Station close to the parking space

Charg Coin Decorative Coin

The Charg Coin is non-tender, but it sure is pretty! Black steel with blue paint makes this collector's coin a real beaut'

Nema 14-50 Receptacle for 240V 50 Amp

Onion Omega2+ pre-loaded w/ Charg Station Software

ALL Charg Stations require a node.  The Onion Omega2+ just happens to be the world's smallest node.  That's why we have selected it for you.  This particular node comes with the Charg Station node.js pre-installed.

Installation Charges



WE WANT TO HELP YOU SUCCEED!  Visit to speak with the community about your needs for getting started with building your own Charg Station today!

Everything you need to get started building your Charg Station with support for up to 75 Amps via the standardized J1772 port, which supports up to 240V, 75 Amp or 18 KW’s.  This is an excellent kit for Charg Station owners seeking to provide their customers with extremely fast charging times.  The kit was designed with low startup cost in mind for the SERIOUS Charg Station owner.  ALWAYS SEEK AN ELECTRICIAN!

This is a nearly-universal kit!  The 2-Pole Relay, Onion Omega2+, and Arduino are UNIVERSAL parts which can be installed on every electric grid on earth.  The J1772 Wall Wattz 75-Amp Charging Station is a very common standard, and most cars will at least include an adapter for this.  If you are locating your Charg Station somewhere that J1772 is not the most common standard, you may consider replacing this item with its CHAdeMO, Mennekes, or Tesla equivalent.

  • Wall Wattz Outdoor 75-Amp Charging Station
  • J1772 Port
  • Onion Omega2+ with Charg Station Software Pre-loaded
  • Arduino Dock R2
  • 2-Pole Solid State Relay (75 Amp)

Not included in kit: 4 Gauge Wire (or thicker), 75+ Amp Circuit Breaker (consult electrician), junction boxes, conduit.  By planning ahead and price shopping, you can minimize the need for these items as well as minimize the project cost.

Our prices are NOT the best prices!  We recommend buying the parts from below to save money.  But we appreciate your support if you choose to purchase from us!

2-Pole Solid State Relay

Arduino Dock R2

WattZilla Wall Wattz OUTDOOR 75-Amp Charging Station

Onion Omega2+ WITH Node Software pre-installed (node software can be downloaded from the downloads page)


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