For Makers – WeCharg

The WeCharg project was designed for Makers

WeCharg has the massive goal of increasing Electric Vehicle (EV) charging availability across the world while improving developing economies. Electric Vehicle sales are increasing exponentially and WeCharg knows that makers are on the cutting edge of all technology. Therefore, WeCharg has created open source software and hardware.

What started out as only for electric vehicle charging…

…Can also be used for laptop power rental, cell phone power rental, vending machines, etc.  There is no limit to what you can do when you combine the blockchain with the internet of things!  Charg Coin is powerful because it binds energy to the blockchain.  If you can turn it on and off with a switch, you can power it with Charg Coin!  The internet of things – for electricity! “The Internet of Energy”.  IoE.

We even think it will help save our planet!
WeCharg is working on bringing solar, wind, and powerwall applications to the forefront of crowd-sourced EV charging.  By storing renewable energy for later use by EV’s, WeCharg has found a sustainable way to bind energy directly to the blockchain.  In other words, energy is money!  Now we need you to help us improve designs, come up with creative new applications, etc. so that our maker community can begin to create awesome new things!


How to get involved

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