Electric Vehicle Chargers for Makers, Build the EV Charging Stations | WeCharg

The WeCharg project was designed for Makers

WeCharg has the basic goal of increasing Electric Vehicle (EV) charging availability across the world while improving developing economies and infrastructures. We want to create a myriad of energy oasis for modern travelers to utilize – providing incentives for rural locations to establish off-grid renewable energy business models which can fuel the growing fleet of EV’s while enabling rural areas to suddenly have electricity and economy.  We want to bridge the gap between green travelers and the farthest and most beautiful places on earth.  Electric Vehicle sales are increasing exponentially and WeCharg understands that makers, who are on the cutting edge of technology, can rapidly build the required charging station infrastructure much faster than traditional “gas station” models of yonder-year.

To this end, WeCharg has created both an open source hardware platform and an open source software platform.  While it started out as being for electric vehicles, the “energy-time for money” platform is anticipated to evolve as our makers contribute in the forums.  The result of this open source fusion is two-fold for makers:

1) Our entire network is composed of crowd-sourced entrepreneurs who are helping the network grow rapidly.  Think Uber or Airbnb – but for electric vehicle charging.
2) Our hardware and software platforms are not just for EV’s!  If you want to add more features, the doors are open for you to create whatever the imagination alludes – both hardware and software modifications are welcome in the forums and in our Telegram Live Chat


Energy-Time for Money?

Energy-time for money!  Although our standard use-case is for persons interested in establishing electric vehicle charging stations and parking spots, the possibilities are endless when you have an “energy-time for money” baseline software AND hardware platform to work off of.

Think of our open source software and hardware as like a vending machine for divvying out electricity – using the blockchain we can record duration (in seconds), charging capabilities (in KW*Hr’s), and establish fully autonomous transactions which record these two very important metrics.  Energy is money, and fusing the two together is therefore an intuitive merging.  Like peas and carrots!

While electric vehicle charging is the baseline project which the WeCharg network supports (and everyone should get involved with establishing a parking spot!), at the end of the day any project which would benefit from the baseline recording of energy-time into money would benefit immensely from the use of the Charg Coin Hardware/Software Platform.  Begin by establishing your own EV charging station, make money from your parking spot, and either copy/paste our suggested business model or create your own utilizing the power of the Charg Coin network, open source software, and open source hardware.

How to get involved

More than 6 countries have plans to outlaw internal combustion engines and electric vehicle production is increasing exponentially. Together we can rise to meet EV charging demand.