Electric Vehicle Chargers for Makers, Build the EV Charging Stations | WeCharg

The WeCharg project was designed for Makers

WeCharg has the massive goal of increasing EV charging availability across the world while improving developing economies. Electric Vehicle sales are increasing exponentially and WeCharg’s founders know that makers are on the cutting edge of all technology. Therefore, WeCharg has made the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) open source and free to anyone.

How to get involved

  • Watch the MVP work
  • Watch how to build the EV charging stations and EV Smartplug
  • Check out our instructables to learn to build or adapt EV Charging station
  • Visit our store for individual parts and/or DIY and Maker Kits
  • Grab an electrician to help with building an EV charging network
  • Monetize your home EV charging station and revolutionize energy distribution

More than 6 countries have plans to outlaw internal combustion engines and electric vehicle production is increasing exponentially. Together we can rise to meet EV charging demand.