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Founder & CEO

My renaissance-man skill set coupled with my cutting edge understanding of business and business management make me a threat to the competitor’s bottom line. I have been the manager of hundreds of people in my life, and each of them has helped me learn to be a better leader.

I studied Mechanical Engineering, Economics, and Business at CSU. I also have extensive training in trade school paired with experience working within research programs. My work-study training included Cisco, Windows 2000, and one of my favorite theaters of learning… The Energy Institute at CSU.

I have served as the leader of multiple teams of programmers and engineers. These teams developed a myriad of ideas, from parental control software to the engineering, design, and manufacture of computer chassis. My fine-tuned understanding of computers matured as a result of owning and operating my own profitable computer company since 2004. My first successful business, StealthMachines LLC, manufactures computers which cater to the enthusiast gamer and produces powerful work machines such as workstations and data centers. I have since started several other companies. My most recent company, Charg Coin, hopes to crowdshare electric vehicle charging on the world market. I invite the reader to research this exciting start-up!

I dream of developing a method of entry into space which is affordable enough for the average consumer to be able to purchase… and to do so through the use of renewable energy. It is my hope that my startups will help me to reach this goal. In the mean time, I would like to continue to grow my companies from humble beginnings into mature manufacturing facilities and infrastructures which support my ultimate goal of having maximal positive impact on our planet’s future.

I am a student of creative expression, and express myself artistically through ballroom dancing, oil painting, sailing, river rafting, product design, and masters water polo.


Co-Founder & (CIOO) Chief Information and Operations Officer

Tyler Hutson is an experienced business professional with a demonstrated history of success in the technology, media, energy, and food truck startup spaces. He is skilled in entrepreneurship, business analysis, creative problem solving, sales, communication, writing, networking and leadership. His dreams of alternative energy stem from a background in engineering, some coding, and art. Outside of work, Tyler enjoys kiteboarding in the summer, pow shredding in the winter and reading during all seasons.


Co-founder & CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

Asad Zeeshan is a startup specialist with 15 years of working experience of co-founding @eHUub @AZConsultants to @WeCharg. He is MBA qualified business professional (MBA Global Marketing, MBA Finance) with skills in entrepreneurship, startup management, business development, marketing, digital marketing, strategy management, team management, business leadership etc.

Asad has proven success in international development projects like Asian Development Bank’s projects in Cyprus and Pakistan. He has managed 100 plus projects with startups and currently working with WeCharg.


Co-Founder & Manager Media affairs

Mon Skelton is an experienced Masters Level Certified Expert in Social Media Marketing and Mass Communication. He is known for innovating marketing campaigns. As a Social Media Expert, He’s fully aware there is so much more than just posting online, wishing and hoping for a viral engagement. His skills are managing all the social accounts, forums, and handling any tech solution. Mon hobbies are fitness training, spending time with his family, and enjoying the oceanfront during the summer time.