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At WeCharg, we’re dedicated to protecting your privacy, and we take every measure possible to ensure you remain protected. This privacy policy was created to inform you of our commitment to protecting your privacy as an important guest to our online store. The use of the information you submit to us voluntarily, is for our use only and will not be shared. Please remember to review this policy frequently, as it is subject to change.

The Information We Collect

We collect only enough personal information from you to allow us to fully process your order. Examples of this information are your name, shipping and billing address, email address, phone number, etc.

What We Do With This Information

This information will be kept completely confidential, and can only be accessed by WeCharg representatives. WeCharg will not use this information for any other purpose but carrying out the services provided by WeCharg. Your personal information will not be given or sold to any other organization or person for their use in marketing or solicitation.

Children’s Privacy

WeCharg does not collect any online or offline contact information about a child without a parent or guardian’s consent. We do not distribute the contact or personal information of children.


WeCharg is not responsible for the privacy policies or practices of any third party or linked sources other than WeCharg.com

Use of Information

WeCharg is not responsible for any damages resulting from the use or misuse of the information contained within the WeCharg website and/or the WeCharg ecosystem. WeCharg is not responsible for errors in information on our website and/or the WeCharg ecosystem. Please see the next paragraph..


SERIOUS INJURY, DAMAGE TO PROPERTY, OR DEATH! WeCharg provides free information and sells equipment which can be DANGEROUS. High Voltage electricity! Serious injury, damage, or death can occur at any time if great care is not taken! ALWAYS CONSULT AN ELECTRICIAN! WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY AND ALL DAMAGE, SERIOUS INJURY, OR DEATH resulting from the use, misuse, installation, or the like of any and all WeCharg Equipment and/or information. ALWAYS CONSULT AN ELECTRICIAN!


This limited warranty extends only to the original purchaser, and is subject to the following terms. Any and all damage caused by misuse or neglect will waive any and all customer rights to repair. Modifying the WeCharg Equipment in any way, including overclocking and the addition or removal of components inside of the WeCharg Equipment will void all rights to a return. All opened software or software which accompanies the WeCharg Equipment is non-refundable, unless otherwise authorized by a WeCharg representative. All special order parts are non-refundable. In the event of a return, customer reserves the right to retain all opened software and all special order parts at retail price. Retail price is to be set at the sole discretion of WeCharg. Should the need for repair arise, customer is responsible for all shipping charges to and from WeCharg. Failure to follow RMA instructions and procedures properly voids all rights to repair.




Any returns shipped back without an RMA number will NOT be honored. RMA numbers can be obtained by calling toll free 1-888-273-2440. In the event of shipping damage, ANY AND ALL DAMAGE caused by the shipping company must be settled with the shipping company BEFORE attempting to ship back parts for repair. WeCharg reserves the right to pursue a claim with the shipping company BEFORE customer can ship the WeCharg Equipment for repair. Customer is to grant WeCharg an appropriate amount of time (the length of which shall be determined by the shipping company’s settlement policy) to pursue a claim BEFORE returning WeCharg Equipment. WeCharg will insure all shipped packages, but it is the responsibility of the customer to allow a WeCharg representative to settle a claim with the shipping company BEFORE attempting to ship parts for repair. ANY AND ALL DAMAGE caused by the customer is the full responsibility of the customer. Customer MUST insure all returned packages appropriately with shipping company. Any damage caused in transit from the customer to WeCharg is the responsibility of the customer. WeCharg agrees to assist with the filing of claims in the event of said damage. 


Filing a Chargeback or Taking Legal Action

ALL SALES FINAL!  NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON, INCLUDING A CUSTOMER-INITIATED CHARGEBACK!  All credit card issuers, credit card terminal providers, and the like agree to a strict WeCharg NO REFUND policy as party to the sales agreement.  In the event of a customer-initiated chargeback, customer agrees to pay all chargeback fees. In addition, customer agrees to pay a mandatory 15% restocking fee should the chargeback attempt to strike down the strict WeCharg NO REFUND policy. Customer also agrees to pay all shipping and handling charges, both to and from WeCharg. WeCharg will always work with our customers in order to permit the resolutions of issues without incurring unnecessary costs to our customers, but in the event of a chargeback customer voids all rights to a return without paying applicable chargeback fees, 15% restocking fee, and shipping and handling both to and from WeCharg. Customer voids any and all rights to a chargeback in the event WeCharg Equipment is shipped back to WeCharg in any condition other than like new.

Should customer or next of kin wish to take legal action of any kind against WeCharg, the customer agrees to hold WeCharg indemnable for all damages, both real or unrealized, as party to the sales agreement and in lieu of any applicable laws.

Requesting a return before the WeCharg Equipment is shipped

WeCharg will always try to build/procure your WeCharg Equipment as quickly as possible, but we will never do so at the expense of quality. By purchasing Equipment from WeCharg, the customer agrees to allow WeCharg up to 90 (ninety) days to prepare the WeCharg Equipment. In the event a customer makes a change to the order, WeCharg is to be given an additional 30 (thirty) days to procure the order. Should extenuating circumstances of any kind arise, WeCharg reserves the right to extend preparation time by up to an additional 180 (one hundred eighty) days.  There is a 15% restocking fee for all parts which must be restocked in the event of an order change (WeCharg reserves the right to choose to waive this restocking fee). Customer acknowledges BEFORE purchasing a WeCharg that the WeCharg Equipment and WeCharg services are custom made by hand and the occasional delay does occur. There is a MANDATORY 15% restocking fee for all orders which are canceled before a WeCharg Equipment is shipped. If rush processing is purchased along with an order, the maximum liability on the part of WeCharg for missing the rush processing deadline is the cost of rush processing.  In addition, all special order parts are NON-REFUNDABLE. Customer reserves the right to retain special order parts at sale price cost.

Limited Warranty on WeCharg Custom WeCharg Equipment Systems

WeCharg warrants this product and its parts against defects in materials or workmanship for one year from the original date of invoice. The customer has the option of paying extra on his/her order form for an extension of this warranty period. Additionally, WeCharg may offer free upgrades to extended warranty periods (for example a 10-year warranty). During the warranty period, WeCharg will repair or replace defective parts with new or reconditioned parts at WeCharg option, without charge to you. All original parts replaced by WeCharg or its authorized service centers, become the property of WeCharg. You are responsible for the payment, at current rates, for any service or repair outside the scope of this limited warranty.

In order to qualify for extended warranty service, the customer MUST register his/her product within 60 days of receipt of the product. Failure to register product within 60 day period will void customer right to extended warranty service. To register, simply send an e-mail with the subject “PRODUCT REGISTRATION” to [email protected] with your full name, address, phone number, and serial number (order number). Extended warranty is non-transferable.

WeCharg makes no other warranty, either express or implied, including but not limited to an implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or conformity to any representation or description, with respect to this WeCharg Equipment other than as set forth below. WeCharg makes no warranty or representation, either express or implied, with respect to any other manufacturers product or documentation, its quality, performance, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or conformity to any representation or description.

Except as provided below, WeCharg is not liable for any loss, cost, expense, inconvenience or damage that may result from use or inability to use the WeCharg Equipment. Under no circumstances shall WeCharg be liable for any loss, cost, expense, inconvenience or damage exceeding the purchase price of the WeCharg Equipment.

The warranty and remedies set forth below are exclusive and in lieu of all others, oral or written, expressed or implied. No reseller, agent or employee is authorized to make any modification, extension or addition to this warranty. 

Limitations of Extended Warranty

Each WeCharg WeCharg Equipment is covered by the advertised warranty period unless otherwise noted. Although labor costs are free for all service required inside of the scope of and for the duration of the expressed warranty period, the limited extended warranty does not cover the cost of parts for the following components: any and all components not manufactured by WeCharg. Instead, these are covered for the period guaranteed by their respective original manufacturer warranty ONLY.  You must register each component, as applicable, with the original manufacturer.

Occasionally due to changes in industry standards, a part must be replaced with a comparable part rather than the same part. It is at the sole discretion of WeCharg when a part must be replaced by a comparable part rather than the original model number. In the unlikely event that this comparable part is incompatible with other parts within the system, it is the responsibility of WeCharg to replace ONLY the damaged part EVEN IF the act of replacing this part does not result in a fully operational WeCharg Equipment. It then becomes the buyer’s responsibility to cover the cost of applicable parts in order to render all parts within the assembly fully compatible and thus the WeCharg Equipment itself operational. For example, if a computer must be replaced by a different chipset because the original chipset is no longer in production, another part may also need to be replaced to remain compatible with the assembly.. In this example, the cost of the computer is the responsibility of WeCharg but the cost of the other part, rendered incompatible resulting, is the responsibility of the customer. WeCharg does not anticipate problems of this nature occurring, and we have chosen the most future-proof parts possible for this exact reason. However, it is necessary that we mention the possibility of these circumstances so that we cover our asses when you want to replace a nine year old machine with parts that haven’t been in production since Bell invented the telephone.

Any and all parts which are not a part of the WeCharg Equipment system such as accessories, 3rd party accessories, etc. are NOT covered by an extended warranty of any kind. Instead, the buyer should seek warranty service from the original manufacturer of these accessories.

The above Limited Warranty is subject to the following conditions

This warranty extends only to products distributed by WeCharg and is effective only if the products are purchased and operated in the USA. (Within the USA including US 48 States, Alaska and Hawaii.)

This warranty covers only normal use of the WeCharg Equipment. WeCharg shall not be liable under this warranty if any damage or defect results from (i) misuse, abuse, neglect, improper shipping or installation; (ii) disasters such as fire, flood, lightning or improper electric current (SURGE PROTECTORS ARE REQUIRED); or (iii) Service or alteration by anyone other than an authorized WeCharg representative without express permission from WeCharg. This includes but is not limited to modifications of ANY kind. WeCharg understands that from time to time persons may wish to modify their WeCharg Equipment. WeCharg Equipment may be modified at your own risk. Any damage resulting from the modification of the WeCharg Equipment is the user’s responsibility. We ask that you obtain WeCharg guidance before making any modifications by calling toll free (888) 273-2440 or e-mailing [email protected]. (iv) Failure to seek an electrician to perform installation (v) Smoking near WeCharg Equipment voids all rights to a refund and/or warranty service. If ANY tobacco smoke damage is smelled or seen by a WeCharg representative, all customer rights to a return and/or warranty service are VOID.

In the event that your WeCharg Equipment is returned to WeCharg for repair or refund, you will be responsible for all shipping charges. This includes both shipping charges to and shipping charges from WeCharg.

You must retain your bill of sale or other proof of purchase to receive warranty service.

The WeCharg Equipment serial numbers must be untampered with and clearly identifiable. All seals in and around the system must be untampered with and clearly identifiable.

No warranty extension will be granted for any replacement part(s) or services furnished to the purchaser in fulfillment of this warranty.

WeCharg and its Authorized Service Centers accept no responsibility for any software programs, data or information stored on any media or any parts of any products returned for repair to WeCharg, its dealer, distributors, resellers, or Authorized Service Centers.

All pre-installed software programs are licensed to customers under non-WeCharg software venders terms and conditions provided with the packaging.

This warranty does not cover any third party software or virus related problems.

WeCharg makes no warranty either expressed or implied regarding third-party (non-WeCharg) software.

In order to qualify for warranty service, the customer must print and retain a copy of this warranty agreement at the time of purchase and also retain a copy of the original invoice. The customer must be able to present both of these documents when requested by a WeCharg representative. A copy of the warranty agreement WILL NOT be provided to the customer at any time during the purchase process, and it is therefore the customer’s responsibility to print the warranty agreement of his/her own volition. Failure to comply will void any and all customer rights to warranty service.

Further Indemnity

WeCharg is ONLY responsible for warranty services required due to original manufacturer defect within the period for which the equipment is covered by its original manufacturer warranty, or one year, whichever is the less. Any damage occurring outside of the original manufacturer warranty period or scope are not covered by warranty. Any components within the WeCharg Equipment which are damaged for any reason are NOT covered after the original manufacturer warranty period has expired. Extended warranties offered by WeCharg cannot increase the warranty period beyond the warranty period dictated by the original manufacturer under any circumstances. Warranties offered by WeCharg do not cover incidental damage under any circumstances.



Use of 3rd-party replacement parts, coolants, or coolant additives will void this warranty. WeCharg will not pay for warranty service performed by a non-authorized repair or diagnostic service and will not reimburse the consumer for damage resulting from warranty service performed by a non-authorized repair service. No responsibility is assumed for any special incidental or consequential damages due to a defective product. No other warranty, written or oral, is authorized by WeCharg.

The buyer is expected to maintain his/her WeCharg Equipment according to the requirements dictated in the “Maintenance Requirements” section of this warranty policy.

Maintenance Requirements

In order for the WeCharg Equipment to be covered by warranty, basic and proper WeCharg Equipment maintenance must be performed by the buyer. In accordance with this condition, the WeCharg Equipment must be kept free and clear of any and all dust and other foreign contaminants. Proper removal of dust entails the use of a STATIC FREE dust blower (such as a WeCharg Equipment-safe dust blower can) while the machine is off and disarmed whenever it is necessary for the WeCharg Equipment to operate free of dust. In addition, applicable maintenance regimens in accordance with industry standards must be followed, along with all directions by WeCharg or applicable electrical professionals.  A record of all servicing must be kept by the customer as proof of proper maintenance. Maintenance and other servicing may be performed ONLY by a qualified electrician. Electrician must be authorized by a WeCharg representative. Please call toll-free 888-273-2440 for assistance with finding a professional in your area.

Procedures for Obtaining Warranty Service

RMA (Returning Merchandise Authorization) Policy

If repairs are required, the customer must obtain a RMA number and provide proof of purchase. RMA and services are rendered by WeCharg or Authorized Service Centers only. Any shipping costs after 30 days (starting from the arrival date of the WeCharg Equipment) on any item returned for repair are the customer’s responsibility. All returned parts must have a RMA number written clearly on the outside of the package along with a letter detailing the problems and a copy of the original proof of purchase. No COD packages will be accepted. No package will be accepted without a RMA number written on the outside of the package. RMA numbers are only valid for 14 days from the date of issue.

Should you have any problems with your WeCharg Equipment, please follow these procedures to obtain the service

Call WeCharg (970)631-4474 to obtain an RMA number

Pack the WeCharg Equipment in its original box or a well-protected box, as outline in the Packing Instructions. WeCharg will not be responsible for shipping damage. It is very important that you write the RMA number clearly outside the package. WeCharg will not pay for return shipping costs. Return shipping costs are the responsibility of the end user. Ship the WeCharg Equipment with a copy of your bill of sales or other proof of purchase, your name, address, phone number, description of the problem(s), and the RMA number you have obtained to the address we provide for you.

Upon receiving the WeCharg Equipment, WeCharg will repair or replace your WeCharg Equipment (at WeChargs discretion) and will ship it back to you within 5~10 business days. If nothing is found to be wrong with it, the customer is responsible for paying all shipping fees to and from WeCharg. We will not be able to ship your WeCharg Equipment back to you until this is paid for.

Pre-exchange (Parts only): You will need to provide a valid credit card number as a deposit guarantee when the RMA number is issued. Once approval has been obtained on your credit card, the part(s) will be shipped. You will need to ship defective part(s) back to WeCharg within 15 days to avoid charges to your credit card. If such charges are incurred, the shipped part(s) will be billed at the then current price.

You will be responsible for shipping charges to WeCharg. You are also responsible for return shipping charges. Once WeCharg Equipment is repaired, you will be billed for return shipping charges. You must pay this fee before we can ship your WeCharg Equipment back to you. Refer to the Product Return Agreement at the end of this manual.

Post Warranty Repair

For post warranty repair, the procedure is the same however; you are responsible for current labor (rate per hour) and the current price of part(s) used in repair.

This product is warranted to the original purchaser against any defects in materials and/or workmanship. This warranty applies only to WeCharg Equipments and components originally configured and manufactured by WeCharg.

If repairs are required during your warranty period, please refer to Procedures for Obtaining Warranty Service in the WeCharg Warranty section of this manual. Shipping Instructions.

WeCharg advises shipping the WeCharg Equipment in the original box and packing materials. If the original box and materials are no longer available, please call your shipper to receive specifications for shipping a package through them. Please do not attempt to ship via U.S. Mail. The U.S. Mail has no way of tracking the package in the event the package never arrives at WeCharg. We recommend DHL, UPS, FedEx or any other shipping company that uses tracking technology.



Technical Support

Technical Support: [email protected] 

In-House Technical Support Phone#: (970)631-4474

Customer Service

E-mail for Customer Service: [email protected] Customer Service Phone#: (970)631-4474

Proper Packaging

The box should able to handle a weight of 40~50 lbs.

There should be a minimum of 3 of space on all six sides of the WeCharg Equipment.

The 3” space shall be fitted with BLOCK FOAM material. Make sure the material will absorb an impact if dropped.

We do not recommend foam popcorn/peanuts, newspaper, pieces of cardboard, blankets etc. These materials tend to shift in the box and allow the WeCharg Equipment to move and make contact with the sides of the box.

Use heavy-duty 3 packing tape rated at 60 lbs. to seal the package. Do not use masking tape – the driver will not accept the package.

When you ship your WeCharg product in for repair, WeCharg is not liable or responsible for freight damage. It is recommended that you insure the package in the event that your WeCharg product is received freight damaged, you may be able to file a claim with your shipper.

If your WeCharg Equipment is damaged due to improper shipping, you must instruct WeCharg to repair or return your WeCharg Equipment within 30 days. WeCharg Equipment left beyond 30 days will be subject to a storage fee of $15 per day. However, in no event will storage of your WeCharg Equipment exceed one year. Any item left beyond one year shall be discarded at WeChargs sole discretion.


Individual parts must be handled in a similar manner to sensitive electronic equipment.

The parts must have sufficient protection to prevent damage, use anti-static bag for electronics and peripherals.

Any package received damaged will be kept in the receiving department and the Technical Support and Customer Service Supervisors will be contacted in order to contact you regarding the damage. You will then be advised to file a claim with the shipping company.

If you have any question regarding to this limited warranty, please E-mail to us at [email protected]

WeCharg reserves the right to change this limited warranty without any further notice.

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