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Universal Charg Station KIT – Nema 14-50




WE WANT TO HELP YOU SUCCEED!  Visit https://forum.charg.io to speak with the community about your needs for getting started with building your own Charg Station today!

Everything you need to get started building a UNIVERSAL Charg Station can be found in this Nema 14-50 kit which supports up to 600V, 50 Amp.  Works in EVERY COUNTRY, just make sure you select the correct receptacle.  This is an excellent starter kit for Charg Station owners seeking to minimize startup costs, maximize compatability with electric vehicles, and provide an acceptable charging time for parking.  ALWAYS SEEK AN ELECTRICIAN!

  • GE 2-in-1 Combo Outlet Box w/ GCFI for Nema 14-50 (supports J1772 w/ adapter)
  • Nema 14-50 Receptacle
  • Onion Omega2+ with Charg Station Software Pre-loaded
  • Arduino R2 IO Panel
  • 2-Pole Solid State Relay, up to 600V, 50 Amps w/ 5V DC control

Not included in kit: 6 Gauge Wire (or thicker), 50-100 Amp Circuit Breaker (consult electrician), conduit, junction boxes.  By planning ahead and price shopping, you can minimize the need for these items as well as minimize the project cost.

These are NOT the best prices!  We recommend buying the parts from below to save money.  But we appreciate your support if you choose to purchase from us!

2-Pole Solid State Relay – 50 Amp


70 Amp 2-Space 2-Circuit 240-Volt RV Outlet Box w/ 50 Amp and 20 Amp GCFI


Onion Omega2+ with Node Software Pre-Installed (node software can be downloaded from the downloads page for the DIY: https://www.charg.io/downloads)


Onion Arduino Dock R2


Nema 14-50 Receptacle

While the Nema 14-50 is considered the international standard for Electric Vehicles, by simply replacing this receptacle the Universal Charg Station Kit becomes extremely versatile – allowing for a Charg Station to be set up on every utility on the planet.

What to save even more money?  Get an RV Recteptacle Instead



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