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2-Pole, Common Control, Zero Cross Solid State Relay


Camco 50 Amp Nema 14-50 Extension Cord


Charg Coin Decorative Coin


Charg Station KIT – J1772 75-Amp Charging Station – Up to 18 KW


GE 2-in-1 Outlet Box (240V AND 120V) (N. and S. America, SAU, JPN)


Nema 14-50 Receptacle for 240V 50 Amp


Onion Omega2+ pre-loaded w/ Charg Station Software


Universal Charg Station KIT – Nema 14-50

Genetry 6000 Watt Inverter

Features at a glance

· 6000 Continuous watts and 12000 watts surge

· Low Frequency Transformer

· Pure Sine Wave

· Split Phase 120V/240V

· Battery Charge from AC or Backup Generator

· Generator Start

· Daisy Chain Connect feature (With Multiple Inverters)

· 3 Phase capable (With Multiple Inverters)

· Wi-Fi functions for remote viewing and remote controls

· Automatic cooling and multi zone temp monitoring

· Safety features with automatic shutdown

· 1 year warranty with Genetry Solar

The Genetry Solar 6000 watt inverter is the most feature rich and capable inverter ever produced. It allows for a safe and reliable way to be independent of the grid (Off the Grid) for a reasonable price. Our inverters are capable of being tuned and setup by the user to allow for use in most systems available today.

6000 Continuous Watts / 12000 Watts Surge[1]

Our 6KW Inverter can run at a full 6000 watts continuously for an unlimited amount of time so long as the battery voltage is above the minimum required for operation. A 12000 watt surge allows for many “hard to start” appliance to be used with this inverter.